Who needs the Mafia

Supply and demand is a fundamental concept of economics in a free market economy. In a capitalist economy most buying and selling is governed by ‘market forces’ including non-luxury items such as a house to live in – we have a ‘housing market’. If your house is very desirable to others and exists in a unique location the price you can ask will be relatively high unless, of course, this house finds itself in the path of a proposed runway extension or a new high speed railway system, then the rules change. The buyer then sets the price in the form of ‘compensation’, known by the Mafia as an ‘offer you cant refuse’.
The reason you have to accept, we are told, is that the runway, high speed train, motorway etc. needs to be built for the benefit of the country, for its economy, for its infrastructure etc. etc., society benefits as a whole. Suddenly capitalism and the free market has to be put aside for more altruistic, socialist, ‘for the common good’ reasons. Except, of course, that this is not true because the runway, railway, motorway, whatever will be owned by a private profit making company who will then own what you once owned, who you were forced to sell to at a price you had to accept and who will then charge you for using at a price they set.
Who needs the Mafia.

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