Democracy – yes please

How democratic is our democracy?

What changes would I like to see?
1. Proportional representation
2. An elected upper house.
3. Meaningful Manifesto
4. Civilised debates.
5. Modernised debating chamber
6. MP’s attending parliament.

Without PR a government can hold the majority of votes in parliament on a minority of electoral votes. If the unelected House of Lords has any power it should not, but if it has no power it’s a waste of space (and money). A government is basically elected on its manifesto so deviation without a referendum or general election is undemocratic. Debates currently are a disgrace, more like a class of delinquents when the teacher is out of the room. They are held in a chamber more appropriate to the 18th century, where are the computers you see in modern parliaments? Our MP’s skive off work by mutual arrangement with another member from the other side and still get paid.

My answer is not very, in my opinion ‘The Mother of all Parliaments’ is a ‘Mother of all ….’ Something very different.


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