Isaac2 Baker 1810 -
and Sarah Maria Baker (nee Allen) 1812 -

Horsecastles, Sherborne is the stated address for the Baker fanily in the census returns q.v. Horsecastles photographed 1/Sep/2008 Sherborne Abbey where Baker family members were baptised and married.
Three generations of Isaac Baker from Sherborne:
Isaac1 - Grandfather of Rachel Gardner (nee Baker).
Isaac2 - Father of Rachel Gardner (nee Baker).
Isaac3 - Brother of Rachel Gardner (nee Baker).
Baptism records from Sherborne Abbey :
22 Dec. 1810 Isaac2 Baker child of Isaac1 and Grace.
4 Apr 1842 Sarah Ann, Isaac3 children of Isaac2 (Tiler) and Sarah.
Marriage records from Sherborne Abbey :
14 Oct 1804 Isaac1 Baker = Grace Guy
A marriage record for Isaac2 and Sarah could not be found in the Abbey records
The old houses pictured here in Horsecastles were built in the early 19th century for the workers in the local silk mills. It is possible that Isaac as a tiler and plasterer was involved in their construction as an employer of the mill. Both Rachel and Emily Baker were descibed as silk factory workers in census up to 1861 when Rachel was just 12 years old. By 1873, Rachel had moved to London and married Jonathan George Gardner. Apparently, the silk business was failing in Sherborne and there was a direct rail link to London. But who Rachel knew in London and how she came to know Jonathan is not known.
Sherborne Industry:
As the first town in England to record a silk mill (in 1740), anticipating Macclesfield’s silk industry by 15 years, the textile tradition of the town is continuing with the international company CS-Intergals Ltd. The largest manufacturing employer in the town, it makes glass fibre fabric close to the old and original yarn mills where silk parachutes were made during the Second World War. www.sherbornetown.com


Isaac1 Baker Grace Guy
Isaac2 Baker
? ?
Sarah Maria Allen


Isaac Baker = Sarah Maria Allen
Sarah Ann Emily Rachel Grace George Isaac3 John Harriett


Isaac2 Baker Sarah Maria Allen