William 1869 -
and Sarah Bartrip (nee Crockett) 1867 -

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Sarah Bartrip (nee Crockett) and William Bartrip.
A photograph from the collection of D.M.Gardner.
BEETON'S ALL ABOUT COOKERY - Sarah Crockett's cookery book now in the possession of Pat & Brian. The book is in poor condition and undated. It has a hand-written inscription to Sarah Crockett but the details have been scrubbed out leaving just the name. The words 'a present from' and the figures 16th are just discernible.
The publisher states that it is "Especially adapted for the very numerous Middle-class Households where, with limited incomes, economy and good management are imperatively necessary, and well adapted for Presents from Mistress to Servants."
Percy (William) Gardner with brother John (Alfred) Gardner and cousin Eddie plus their Grandmother Sarah Bartrip at Clacton. Percy (William) Gardner (left) with brother John and Mother Ethel, and Grandmother Sarah Bartrip.


James Bartrip ? ?
William Bartrip
Robert Dale Crockett Louisa Dowsett
Sarah Crockett


William Bartrip = Sarah Crockett
Sarah Alice


William Bartrip Sarah Harriett Bartrip
nee Crockett