Percy William Gardner

Where and when born 5 Nov 1917
15 Bradstock Road
South Hackney
Name, if any Percy William
Sex Boy
Name and Surname of Father Percy Frank Gardner
Name and Maiden Surname of Mother Ethel Gardner
formerly Bartrip
Rank or Profession of Father Private 469th Home Service Employment
Company Clerk at
Manufacturing Chemists
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant P.F.Gardner Father
15 Bradstock Road
South Hackney
When Registered 12 Nov 1917

Marriage solemized at The Register Office
in the District of Stoke Newington
in the Metropolitan Borough of Stoke Newington
When Married 12/4/1941
Name and Surname Percy William Gardner
  Dorothy May Fitzjohn
Age 23 years
  18 years
Condition Bachelor
Rank or Profession Mechanical Inspector
(Air Ministry)
  Drilling Operator
Residence at the Time of Marriage 172 Galliard Road
Lower Edmonton
  6 Pellerin Road
Stoke Newington
Father's Name and Surname Percy Frank Gardner
  Bertie Alfred Fitzjohn
Rank or Profession of Father Bookkeeper
Small Arms Factory
  Milk Salesman
This Marriage was solemized between us P.W.Gardner
in the Presence of us E.Gardner

Registration District Cheltenham
Sub-district Cheltenham
Administrative area County of Gloucestershire
1. Date and place of death 3 Feb 1992
27 Hardy Road
Bishops Cleeve
2. Name and surname Percy William GARDNER
3. Sex Male
4. Maiden surname of woman
who has married
5. Date and place of birth 5 Nov 1917
Hackney, London
6. Occupation and usual address Mechanical Engineer (retired)
27 Hardy Road
Bishops Cleeve
7. (a) Name and surname of informant John Philip Gardner
7. (b) Qualification Son
7. (c) Usual Address Grasson
Gotherington Cross
8. Cause of death 1a. Myocardial Infarction
b. Coronary Arteriosclerosis
Certified by A.C.Howes MB
9. Signature of informant J.P.Gardner
10. Date of registration 5 Feb 1992