Percy Gardner Brian Gardner


John Philip Gardner
1948 -

John Gardner John Gardner John Gardner
Baby John with older brother Brian in 1949. Photographed at 11 Hillcrest Road
A photographer was brought in for the photo session.
John outside 11 Hillcrest Road in th early 1950's
No cars on the street. Photo taken by Brian with his Brownie 127 camera.
John went to Thorpe Hall Infants School as did Barbara Foulston. They appear by chance next to each other in this school photo which turned up in the collection of both families, taken c. 1955
John Gardner John Gardner John Gardner
Left to right John with Mag, Pat and Brian. Photo taken at 48 Oaklands Ave in 1965 Left to right John, mum Peggy and brother Brian. Christmas 1965 John and Mag 1965
John Gardner John gardner John Gardner
Back row John with son Matthew. Sitting left to right daughter Beth, wife Mag and daughter Sara. Lower Tean 1990 Back row Brian and brother John. Sitting left to right Pat, father Percy, mother Peggy and wife Mag. Pat and Brian's house in Lower Tean 1990 John (left) with mum Peggy and brother Brian in the garden of John's house in Cheltenham 1995


John's Decendants

  John Philip Gardner =
Margaret Taylor (Mag)
  Beth Gardner =
Martin Fallon
  Sara Gardner =
Colin Gabb
  Matthew Gardner = Jo  
Victoria Fallon Kathleen Fallon Sean Fallon   Joshua Gabb Oliver Gabb   Emily Gardner Charlotte Gardner

Note that there are two Charlotte Gardners (second cousins) in this generation. The older Charlotte being the daughter of Steven Gardner whilst the Charlotte on this page is the daughter of Steven's cousin Matthew Gardner.