Oaklands Avenue Galliard Road Galliard Primary School Ponders End Edmonton Green

(a) 48 Oaklands Ave

The house was bought by Percy Frank and Ethel Gardner for Ethel's parents the Bartrips who lived their until after their deaths c.1956
The house then became home to the Gardners Percy William and Peggy and sons Brian and John. Brian married Pat Foulston in 1962 and moved to 172 Galliard Road. Percy inherited the house when his mother Ethel died in 1970. Percy and Peggy continued to live at 48 until 1987 when they bought a bungalow in Bishop's Cleeve, Cheltenham.
The photo, taken in 1995, number 48 is the lighter coloured house in the centre.
48 Oaklands Ave
The garden of 48 Oaklands with Brian, Pat and children Jane and Steven. c. Garden of Oaklands Ave

(b) 172 Galliard Road

172 Galliard Road was the home of Percy Frank and Ethel Gardner and their sons Percy William and John Alfred. It was purchased in the 1930's when the Gardners moved from Hackney. Before she would agree to move they had to move Ethels parents too and so purchased 48 Oaklands Ave at the same time for the Bartrips. When Peggy Fitzjohn married Percy William in 1941 they too lived here although when baby Brian was born Peggy moved to Writtle which was safer place to be at that time.
The photo shows Peggy with Brian at 172 Galliard in 1942.
After Percy Frank Gardner died in 1951, Ethel's son John Alfred was still living at 172. When he married Sadie they converted the upper floor into a one bedroom flat by converting the box bedroom to a kitchen. After John and Sadie moved to their own home, Ethel continued to rent out the upper floor. In 1962 Ethels grandson Brian and new wife Pat moved into this flat and baby Steven was born in 1963. (Pat, Brian and Steven moved to 24 Carterhatch Road in 1965)
The photo shows Steven in the upstairs front room of the house.
After Ethel died in 1970, her sons Percy and John split the estate and 172 was sold whilst Percy continued to live at 48 Oaklands Ave with his family. The division of the estate caused friction between brothers Percy and John and a rift which was never mended.
The photo shows the house in 1995. The front garden had been cleared to take a car, and a front porch had been added. The photo clearly shows the upstairs front room which is the reverse view of the previous photo.

(c) Galliard Road Primary School

Primary school for John Philip Gardner.  

(d) Ponders End

Ponders End where various members of the Gardner family lived, worked and studied.
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Ponders End Map

(e) Edmonton Green

Edmonton Green where the family run the Pop Shop.
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Edmonton Green Map