Enfield (Highway)

Carterhatch Road Brimsdown School St James Church St Barnabus Hall Spears factory AEI Factory Alma Road Brick Lane

(a) 24 Carterhatch Road

For over 20 years, the home of the Gardner family, Pat, Brian, Steven, Jane and Adam until 1987. Number 24 is the second house from the right, the rendered house.
Purchased for 3,999 in 1965 by means of a 100% mortgage from the London County Council. The offer was for 100% of the councils evaluation to eligible persons which were those people already living or working in the LCC area. At that time Edmonton was still part of Middlesex and not London, so living in Edmonton and working in Ponders End meant we were not actually eligible.
A friend of the family helped out with a signed document to state I worked for a company (possibly ficticious) with a London address, rubber stamped with a directors signature. He also knew the LCC surveyor who with a little financial incentive made sure the evaluation was very close to the asking price. So we were able to obtain a mortgage with virtually no money, 100, which actually wiped us out of our savings.

The picture shows the garden of 24 Carterhatch Rd with Steven climbing the apple tree and Brian with baby Jane over his shoulder. The Apple tree was later removed.
Over the years many changes were made to the house. A new tiled roof replaced the aging slates. The front was rendered, internal walls removed to create a through lounge. A new battroom and toilet was created downstairs and an extension made to the kitchen.
The photo taken in 1983 by Adam, shows Pat standing at the kitchen door and clearly shows the extension.

(b) Brimsdown School

The primary school for Steven, Jane and Adam Gardner.

The picture shows the school's production of Oliver with Steven playing the title role (front stage in the cloak).
Another Brimsdown production with Jane front right of stage. Singing (or yawning?)
Yet another Brimsdown production, this one featuring Adam on recorder. (Back row right).

(c) St James Church and Play school

Next to St James Church, the hall was used by the play group. The hall (a one-time school) was old and in poor condition, it has now been replaced by a new building. Pat Gardner worked as a play group leader until 1976. She qualified as a play group leader during this period.
The hall was used by the 'Enfield Arts Union' (see cutting) which Brian and Pat Gardner were members. A hippy 'arts lab' type of loose organisation but which was able to gain support from the St James Church clergy and from the local authority. The photo shows Brian's Amoeba Light Show set up inside the hall.
The hall was also home to the Brownies. Jane Gardner is sitting in the front row, third from the right.

(d) St Barnabas Hall

Home to the Enfield Arts Union (see cutting) - the photo shows the rock group SPAM rehearsing in the hall.
The group consisted of Steven Gardner and friends.

(e) Spears Games Factory

Pat Gardner (left) with colleagues photographed outside Spears factory. The building in the photo was newly built and the old factory demolished. Pat worked for Spears both part-time and full-time from (1976 to 1987). During this period, Spears ( makers of Scrabble) was still a family firm. Francis Spear managing from this site. The Spears family sold out and the firm is no longer in existance. The company had a good social club with functions such as discos and theatre trips.
Pat worked mainly in the box making department but had spells in the offices and other departments.

(f) Site of Thorn-AEI Brimsdown Factory

Brian Gardner served an engineering apprenticeship (1959 - 1964) with Siemens Ediswan in Duck Lees Lane, Ponders End. After mergers etc., the company became Thorn-AEI with factories in Tottenham and here at Jute Lane, Brimsdown. Mollison Ave was then only a small lane and not the large road as shown on the map. The Brimsdown site was the location of the old valve factory, in fact Ambrose Fleming (inventor of the diode valve) had a lab in the Jute Works (now demolished) on this site.
The apprentice association had a hut with a dart board etc. This was the location of choice for Brian to eat his lunch as shown in the photo.

(g) Alma Road

Alma Road led to Ponders End, past Chubbs factory where Percy Gardner worked up to his retirement, and thence to the Tower Blocks of flats where John Gardner lived for a time and where the tennants association had a hall used by the Arts Union.
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(h) Brick Lane

Bishop Stopfords and Kingsmead schools. The Great Cambridge Road etc.
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