Scanned from Enfield Local Newspaper

A street decorating contest for festival?

PROJECTS for the week-long Eastern Enfield community festival, starting on June 29, are already being planned.
One of the most exciting items is a multi-media drama to be produced in St. James's Church. This is the brainchild of Brian Gardner, who lives at 24 Carterhatch Road, Enfield Highway.
He envisages using actors, rock bands and a light-show around the church. Brian helps to run the Enfield Arts Union, which meets on Thursdays in St. Barnabus Hall, Addison Road, Enfield Highway..........

Unusual drama in church

DEEP SPACE DREAMS, which was staged in St. James's Church on Friday, was certainly the most unusual event of the festival.
Developed from an idea by Brian Gardner, who founded the Enfield Arts Union, it involved a local rock band, Wandering Spirit, the Amoeba Lights light-show, dancers, and tapes.
The church proved to be an ideal venue—the interior changes since the fire several years ago have made it much more open in character.
So there was plenty of room to hang the backcloth for the light-show and the large space at the front of the church was used as a stage for the band and the actors.
Deep Space Dreams, explained the programme, was a "parallel to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which is a manual of Buddhism used to guide the soul after death."
Wandering Spirit-—a five-piece band with drums, bass, two guitars and a synthesiser—started the evening and during the drama they provided some interesting sounds.
The most startling part came with the introduction of the light-show, which exploded into action to the noise of a loud scream.
The tale unfolded in the church by the Girl (Christine Vial), the dancers, led by Barbara Windsor and the other contributors, was about a voyage of self-discovery.
Patrick Newman's "psychological drama" took the audience on a voyage through the agony of isolation, the tranquillity of loss of self, the peace and war existing on earth and the "fulfilment of human love,"
The drama was an exciting event to place in the community festival and it was watched by a large crowd in the church.