Enfield (Ponders End)

Chubbs Factory Tower Blocks Siemens Edison Swan Factory Middlesex Polytechnic Alma Road Galliard Road Tower blocks through flyover

(a) Chubbs Factory

Chubb's factory where Percy Gardner worked up to his retirement. Having worked for Cossars during the war and Setright Registers (bus ticket machine maker) in Walthamstow after the war, he changed to a coin counting machine company soon after moving to Edmonton c. 1956. The company was taken over by Chubbs the lock makers.

(b) Tower Blocks and Tennants Association Hall

The photo shows the flats in the distance through the flyover where the Lea Valley Road crosses Alma Road.
Home to John Gardner's family for a while. The tennants association had a community hall in South Street which was used by the Enfield Arts Union (a loose hippy style arts lab which Pat and Brian were members) for various happenings.

(c) Siemens Edison Swan Factory

Brian Gardner served an engineering apprenticeship (1959 - 1964) with Siemens Ediswan in Duck Lees Lane, Ponders End. After mergers etc., the company became Thorn-AEI with factories in Tottenham and Brimsdown.
The photograph was published by Enfield Libraries and shows the factory gates in 1903. Although the actual gates had been renewed by 1959, the pub and houses were still in existence at that time. Now the vastly enlarged Mollison Ave replaces this scene and cuts right through the old factory site.
The photo also shows flooding which was common in the Lea Valley, the factory had a boundary with the river.
In the tradition of engineering apprenticeships we were still indentured by agreement to our employer. The photo shows part of that agreement.

(d) Middlesex Polytechnic

Enfield campus was originally the Enfield College of Technology, originally founded in 1901 as Ponders End Technical Institute.
Brian Gardner attended as part of his engineering apprenticeship, gaining an HND in electronics engineering after a five year sandwich course, six months college six months work experience.

(e) Alma Road

Alma Road led to Green Street; Spears, where Pat gardner worked; Brimsdown School, primary school for Steven, Jane and Adam Gardner; Carterhatch Road, where the Gardner family lived etc.
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(f) Galliard Road Road

Galliard Road, Oaklands Ave where three generations of the Gardner family lived.
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